Music Composition

I value the impact of music in storytelling and abstract art. I use organic and synthetic textures alike. Whether you need a compelling emotional cinematic score or lush soundscapes, I will work with you and morph my skillset to help you achieve your goal.

Sound Design

I have access to professional sound effects and I have experience in Foley techniques. I am skilled in processing, manipulating, and applying sound to visual media in order to create cohesive soundscapes and realistic, immersive audio experiences.

Mixing and Mastering

Good music needs good production value in order to shine properly. A good composition suffers from a poor deliverance to its audience. You need clear sound, good performances, and an overall control of the sonic balance. If you need a second ear or someone to do your polishing, I have the tools and experience.

Audio Implementation (Video Games)

Great audio can suffer from poor implementation. Interactive audio needs to be fluid, dynamic, and responsive. From conceptual design to production implementation, I make the decisions and write the code that will make sure the audio experience isn’t compromised by lazy interactivity and unresponsive sound environments.


 If you are interested in any of these services, please contact me at